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Whether you're one or a team we have an activity that meets your needs! Join our soccer program where we offer developmental clinics / camps and tournaments for boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 18. At SkyKicks, our primary goal is to ensure that interested youth who want to play and or develop their soccer skills can do so in an environment that fosters their overall development.

Soccer Skills Video: Step Over

The "Step Over" is a basic soccer skill, designed to freeze defenders.

Attacker swings first foot over and in front of the soccer ball. Hips and body should swing with the ball to accentuate the fake. The second foot is then quickly planted beside the first foot, and the ball is quickly pushed away with the outside of the first foot. Move away from the defender with a burst of speed.

Benefits of the Step Over:

The Step Over freezes the defender, even making him step in the wrong direction.

Step Over Notes:

Don稚 lean back, move too slowly, or stand too upright when performing the Step Over soccer skill. Works great against multiple defenders, but hips and shoulders need to swing big to "sell" the move to the defenders.